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Bonnys Wonderland founder and owner is Miss Bonny Watkins (born in Germany) who studied professional make up art and hair design by successfully graduating at one of Germany’s leading Art Academy.

After a short time in the business; her skills quickly became so highly recognised and appreciated that she was employed as an instructor to tuition others at the Art Academy in Bremen Germany on how to become a Make up Artist & Hair designer.

Bonny has become successful in her career and had the pleasure to work with numerous different artists; and some of the top well known companies and productions agencies over the past years. 
By demonstrating her expertise she has successfully cooperated together with a wide list of different photographers, designers, companies and artists and many professional photos, music videos that her projects and artwork went viral when advertised in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, India, Canada and Japan. With the vast experience she has made over the years her list of business clients has continued to grow each year.

Since she moved to Scotland in 2017, she got nominated for over 20 Awards in the beauty industry and won in the category of best article as a contributor in 2018 and Best creative make up artist of the year regional winner 2020 and best Beauty in the Scottish Hair and Make up Awards 2023.

Since 2021 bonny is working
with her partner and co owner Martin together to create the best service and experience for their brides/marriers bridal/marriers parties and clients in and outside their clinic, covering the whole of the UK  and abroad, national and international for hair and make up services.

Bonny Watkins is a Make up Artist and Hair stylist specialised in bridal stylings next to beauty, Glam and Editorial stylings. She works as a Make Up Artist, Hair – Designer, and trainer for Make Up Art and Hair – Design in the range of decorative cosmetics, split into the categories of film, TV, music – productions, photographic and art leading productions, fashion, stage and individual customers.


2017 - 2018

  • 2017 Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards
  • 2018 Scottisch Wedding Awards
  • 2018 FINALIST – Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards
  • 2018 Finalist official make up awards

2019 - 2020

  • 2019 FINALIST – Scottisch Wedding Awards (Wedding Hair and Make up Specialist of the year)
  • 2019 FINALIST – Confettti Awards Best Wedding Hair stylist
  • 2019 FINALIST – Confetti Awards Best Blogger / Influencer
  • 2018 FINALIST – Best Article ( SUMMER TRENDS 2018 ) – Contributor PBL MAGAZINE
  • 2019 FINALIST National Beauty Awards
  • 2019 FINALIST The Scottish Wedding Awards
  • 2019 FINALIST Shaba Awards
  • 2019 Finalist the British talent awards
  • 2020 The Scottish wedding awards
  • 2020 FINALIST Confetti awards – best hair stylist
  • 2020 FINALIST Confetti awards – best make up artist
  • 2020 FINALIST Scottish make up awards

2021 - 2023

  • 2021 FINALIST Best Bridal Hair
  • 2022 NHFB Awards
  • 2023 Finalist British Beauty Awards
  • 2023 Finalist Scottish Wedding Awards
  • 2023 Finalist 2023 Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards
  • 2023 Finalist National Hair & Beauty Awards
  • 2023 Confetti Awards
  • 2023 Finalist Scottish Make up Awards


  • 2019 WINNER best article
  • 2020 WINNER Scottish make up awards 
  •  2022 WINNER Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards
  • 2023 Winner UK Hair & Beauty 
  • 2023 Winner Scottisch Hair & Beauty Awards



2009-2013 Dentistry 

2013-2015 Pro MUA 

2014 Bonnys Wonderland

2014-2016 Wella Professional 

2015-2017 AET Education for Hair & make up art

2017 Specialised in Natural Skin

2018-2021 Contributor PBL Magazine London


2019-2020 SPMU ARTIST

2021 Ombrebrows



2019 Gillian Hoban – Make up

2019 Karla Powell – Make up

2019 Jenna Cooke – Blow Dry

2021 Shari Kramer – Red carpet

2021 Sarah Hill – Joga Skin

2021 Kristina Gasperas Bridal Hair

2021 Vlada MUA

2021 Danessa Myricks MUA

2021 Laura Ross – Hair 

2021-2023 Kristina Gasperas


2014 work was published in India

2014 Berlin fashion Week

2015 Interview with Frank Hannig – Berlin fashion Week 

2015 Hanover Newspaper Article 

2016 Work published in Canada & Japan 

2016 Work published in ENVIE Magazine

2018  2x Published Articles PBL MAG

TV Advertisement MIA. – Biste Mode ( Pro 7)

2019  4x Published articles photographer & Make up artist , Bridal Trends, Summer Trends & Winter glow (PBL MAG)

published work – surreal magazine

published work with euromillion

and more…..


To request our services for your special day, we kindly ask you to contact us via email [email protected]. After contacting us you will receive your bridal contact form to fill out, this might take up 1-5 days due to the high volume of enquires we receive each day. This helps us to get an accurate estimate send out to you and includes all important information we need to know about your very special day. Once submitted, you will receive your estimate and agreement. Once we received the confirmation from your end , that you would like to go ahead with the booking you will receive an email from us including a non refundable booking fee payment link to pay and to secure your booking. 

You have 24/7 access to your online agreement with your unique password. This agreement confirms the booking and secures the date including a confirmation from our side, that bonny or her team will be with you for your very special day for bridal/groom/marrier hair and / or make up. You can share a pinterest board with us or send us inspiration photos via email or attach them to the bridal form. We are here for you: if you have any questions or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have created our agreement and info the way that there are all questions answered. In the event that you have further questions, please feel free to email us any time.
If a response is sometimes taking a little longer, it is due to being incredibly busy and we are just a very small business (1 Person Admin) .Feel free to give us a call with a friendly reminder should you not have heard back within 5 days.

Bonnys Wonderland and Team are not available, what can I do? 
In the event that Bonny and her Team are fully booked due to high demand, Bonny created unique Hair and Make up lessons and workshops that are easy to follow and help each Client to do their own hair and / or make up. Lessons can be booked online, in person or a mix of both. Our classes include a detailed PDF/Video.

Where do i find photos from everyones work?
You can find our work on our website and social media. ALL photos that you see are hair and / or make up done by us. This includes Bonny and her Team.


The trial in person or virtual can be a great opportunity to discuss your styling ideas, any concerns or wishes you might have and to get to know each other better. 

A trial is not necessary, but might be important.  Trials can be booked in person 1:1 with your stylist or virtual. We will explain this in detail here. If you have booked a trial virtual or in person: This is the part where we get to meet and you tell me, Bonny or one of our stylists, all about you. This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish and to try to get as much info over about the makeup / hair you will hopefully be wearing for your big day.

Over the years I can say that I have enough experience that I feel very confident in my job and I know what colour and what kind of look would suit you as a bride / groom/ marrier the very best. For me it is important that all my clients look like themselves and no one else. Only if someone asks me to completely change them I would do a small transformation.

Important for you: I guarantee that you will maybe change your mind on your wedding day. This is just because you will feel different and maybe your mood changed to the day we have done the trial. The trial helps both of us to know each other better and to find the look you like the most.

On the wedding day I will start more natural and build the look up with you TOGETHER again. This means that you can relax and I ask you at the end if you like and eyeshadows more intensive or darker or if you like a different lip colour for example. This I will explain to you a little more, once we find a day for your trial.

It doesn’t matter where you live, I travel the world for you to be there for your trial and your wedding day.

I have a very relaxed and down to earth approach and pride myself on building a good relationship and communication with my clients, without creating stressful situation by getting in touch every day, We try to get this specific day set for you where we can have a calm and happy chat about absolutely everything. So it was more than important for me that all stylists working with us, are similar. We will be led by you as to what you are comfortable with makeup wise and we will advise you as to what will enhance you and make you look your best both in person and on your wedding photos.

I/we only use what I consider to be the “gold standard” in cosmetics. All of the products I use are hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Most of my products are vegan and cruelty free and I also try to create as minimal waste as possible and still work on a very high standard of hygiene for the environmental part. The Trial is however an excellent way, to try or speak about the products I / we will be using on you for your wedding and ensuring any rare issues with sensitivity can be addressed. If you travel from further away or have no opportunity to meet us in person before your wedding, you can also book a virtual trial.

A virtual trial allows you to meet myself or my team ( the stylist you are booked with) face to face and speak about everything and share all videos and photos with the stylist and chat about what would work for you. you can share your wishes and concerns and ideas for hair accessories and more. We will also share discounts codes with you and help and recommend products for you. 

A virtual trial lasts approximately  1 hour. If you wish to have a trial and make up class this can be booked separate and you can contact us about our classes / wedding styling courses, to learn to do your own hair and / or make up. 

-Trials are to be held on a weekday at my studio in Fort William ( google : Bonnys wonderland)between 10am and 2pm where all of my kit can be set up and ready for your arrival.
- if you wish a trial outside the Salon, please keep in mind that additional fees apply.
-Limited weekends are available and will be charged with additional costs to your wedding booking (full bridal prices).
-A trial typically lasts from 2-4hours trying several of your desired looks.
-If you have your veil, hair accessories or jewellery, please bring these with you on your trial day so it can be incorporated into your final look. This is not necessary and can also just be discussed on the day.
-Please wear a similar colour/neckline to that of your wedding outfit. This helps to see the complete picture for your hair and make up for your wedding day.


-Virtual trials are to be held MO-FR between 10:00 and 18:00 and SAT 15:00-18:00 and have to be booked via email.
-If you wish a virtual Trial outside the times available or weekends, please keep in mind that additional fees apply.
- A Virtual trial typically lasts from 1-2 hours (average 1 hour) speaking about several of your desired looks and creating a mood board. - You can ask any questions you have and we recommend to write all your questions down before your trial, to ask anything you are unsure about to avoid further bookings.
- You can share all photos or videos via whatsapp or the chat window during the virtual trial or send us an email or pinterest board beforehand so we can create a moodboard for you.
-If you have a veil, hair accessories or jewellery, please have them ready next to you or if you dont have them please have photographs of them or similar to show us/ send to us.

-bonnys wonderland will send over a time schedule prior to your wedding day so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your special morning. We highly recommend to follow this timeline created by Bonnys Wonderland to assure a smooth and relaxed wedding morning. Bonnys Wonderland can not made responsible for delays caused by the Bride/The Marrier/Bridal Party.

-Please ensure that there is a chair, ample light and a table for bonnys wonderland BRIDE services to be carried out properly.

-Wearing loose fitting clothing will avoid any disturbance to the hair/makeup services when getting changed.

-If bonnys wonderland services exceed 3 hours, a drink and any snacks would be greatly appreciated.

POPULAR BRIDE: Professional assistants from the bonnys wonderland BRIDE TRIBE can be provided for larger Bridal Parties for an additional £100.00 per assistant.

WEDDING/ELOPEMENT DAY: A £100 & 25%bridal party booking fee will be taken to secure your wedding date in the diary (this gets deducted from your final wedding day balance.) Your final balance will be due on the week of your wedding.
Please see Bonnys Wonderland Terms + Conditions for more details before booking.

Please note that U16 is classed as a kids make up! We do not offer Full face glam or " adult classed" make up as u16 make ups. If someone is requesting a full face of glam regardless of extra or natural including or excluding lashes, we will charge this as a normal rate make up and not kids /U16 make up. If you decide on the day of the wedding that they want a full face of glam the outstanding and additional fee would need to be paid on the day. Please note that we DO NOT offer full face make up to children under the age of 14 as we do not support children wearing full faces of make up and do not support teaching them from a young age to needing it. We understand that everyone is having a different opinion and we respect all opinions and views. We kindly ask to respect ours.

HAIR + MAKEUP LESSON: Bonnys Wonderland offers Hair + Make-Up Lessons completely tailored to you and/or your bridal party. This is a popular option for destination clients, for Bridal party members and for Brides that want to be in control of their overall look. These can hosted in person or online. Pricing starts from £200.00 and includes a full product breakdown and shopping list to help you achieve your desired look including an up to 20% discount code to shop online for make up products. booking



It is important for me that I know where to go, that there is a parking space for me somewhere and that I have enough room for my kit. If there are any guests or family who need hair and make up or if there is a bridal party, I need to know about this latest 1 month before the wedding. Depending on the availability and timeline we can then discuss if it is possible to add guests / bridal party members.


If there is a huge group of people who would like hair and / or make up done I can arrange a Team who would help me on your wedding day.
Of course I can also arrange a trial for everyone is not sure or doesnt know what styling would be the best.


Payments can be made Online, via PayPal* or Bank transfer and we accept any card payments. A non refundable booking fee is required to secure your booking and appointment. A detailed contract will be sent to you with the booking details, that explains absolutely everything in detail and you can of course contact us at any time should you have any questions, regarding your booking enquiry and payments. 


Payments via payal are possible on request. An additional fee of 6% will be added to the total invoice via paypal. 


We are in the process of working with a third party company to allow split payments and instalment plans. For more information, please contact us via email [email protected] . Please be aware that instalment plans or split payments may increase the total amount. 


The classic Hair and / or make up can be booked individual or as a package. 

The classic styling includes the hair style and / or make up application of your choice, excluding a facial and blow dry. 

It is an option to add on, however we would recommend to upgrade your package instead. 

make up application strip/individual lashes hairstyling 

Duration: 60 - 120 minutes

Hair / Make up / incl Trial: £85 / £170 Hair & Make up /incl Trial: £170 / £280
The Luxury Hair and / or make up can be booked individual or as a package. 

The Luxury styling includes the hair style and / or make up application of your choice, including a mini facial and blow dry. The mini facial is to help your skin to take the products better and your make up to last longer. This is also great for anyone with really dry or really oily skin. 

If you like to have a shower in the morning and have freshly washed hair on your wedding day, this is a great package for you as we make sure your hair is perfectly prepped and blow dried before the hairstyling.

This package excludes like the classic package, a make up- touch up bag. It is an option to add on, however we would recommend to upgrade your package instead. 

mini facial Blow Dry make up application strip/individual lashes hairstyling 

Duration: 120-150 minutes

Hair / Make up / incl Trial: £100 / £185 Hair & Make up /incl Trial: £200/ £310
The "All eyes on me" Hair and / or make up can be booked individual or as a package. 

The "All eyes on me"  styling includes the hair style and / or make up application of your choice, including a mini facial, prep of the skin, blow dry and goodie bag. The facial is to help your skin to take the products better and your make up to last longer. This is also great for anyone with really dry or really oily skin. 

The perfect package for anyone who likes to have a super relaxed and calm morning and wants to make sure that the stylist lasts as long as possible, including the full pamper for your wedding/ elopement morning. 

Included in this package is a goodie bag that includes , a powder, tissues, lipstick and other items to top up your make up if needed during the day. 

mini facial skincare prep Blow Dry make up application strip/individual lashes hairstyling  goodie bag 

Duration: 120-150 minutes The better facial add on £0 / 30 min

Hair / Make up / incl Trial: £150 / £235
Hair & Make up /incl Trial: £300/ £400
Due to popular demand, a minimum spend of £170 is required in order to proceed with a Wedding Day booking with BONNYS WONDERLAND LTD. (The minimum spend does not include your travel) *Anything outside of Fort William may be charged 65p per mile plus a £50.00 call out fee. We do not charge an hourly rate on top for our travel or our services for any bookings after 5am. For larger bridal parties, members of the Bonnys wonderland bride TRIBE can be provided to ensure the smooth running of your day for an additional FEE of £100-£200.00.

Flights and accommodation, travel to and from venue will also need to be covered. For larger bridal parties, or for peace of mind, assistants of the BONNYS WONDERLAND BRIDE TRIBE can be provided to ensure the smooth running and less early start of your day. Please note that their travel, accommodation and expenses will also need to be covered on top of the services they provide.

Booking: -A minimum spend of £170 is required when booking your Wedding Day hair and/or makeup services with Bonnys Wonderland LTD. -Securing your Wedding Day booking: A booking Fee of the wedding day Estimate will be required to secure your wedding date. This amount will be deducted from the final wedding day invoice. Without this booking fee, the date cannot be secured. We usually hold a booking for 3 days, if we do not hear back, the booking will be released. -Securing your Trial: 100% of the quote will be required 24 hours prior to the appointment. This is non-refundable. -The booking deposit is non-refundable for any reason (this includes acts of God, fire, pandemic, illness, strike and/or extreme weather)


All my testimonials and client reviews can be found on our social media, google and clinic booking page. 

Link to my customer reviews

or check Facebook and google

All photos you see on my website of make up and hair done are done by me or my team and taken by photographers.

I really hope this helps you a little and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. we would love to help as much as we can and we are always here to answer any questions.

Lets create exiting adventures and happy memories!

Q & A

You will find all information that is also listed here, plus in absolute detail explained from the start of your booking until the day we will see you for your wedding day. All questions you might have before the wedding can also be found in the contract. For examnple :

You will receive a time schedule from us prior to your wedding date. Usually 1-2 weeks before the wedding day. If you have a bridal party booked in with us, please send us an order who you would like to get done first and who last on the day. For example: ” Lisa – Bridesmaid: Hair and make up Laura – Mother of groom : hair ……” We then can add timings in front of the order you send us. We recommend to have you / the bride/groom done last or second last.

We want your morning/ day to be as relaxed as possible. Its all about the GOOD VIBES for us. Instead of rushing through hair and make up, getting dressed and leaving it is better to allow yourself more time. Recommended 2-3 hours for brides (hair and make up) and 45 minutes for each additional service. We will create the timeline that you are ready 1 hour before the ceremony starts. This allows you to get dressed, have a snack / drink, getting ready shots/first looks and travel to the ceremony. The set up and pack time takes approximately 30 minutes each.For example : Bonnys Wonderland Arrival Time: 6:00 a m Start Bridal Hair & make up : 6:30 a m Finish & Final Touches: 9:00 a m (the time most photographers take getting ready photos) 9:15 packing / 9:45 leaving

Final touches means that i will apply lipstick or do any final touches that needing to be done. This could include adding your veil or other small things. We will start packing after the final touches are completed and you are happy with the final look. Please allow us 30 minutes to pack up.

A timeline is the time we recommend for your styling and shows the time we arrive, the time we need to set up , the time for your styling and the time to pack up.Elopements/ Bride/s – Groom/s only: To allow you a super relaxed morning we recommend to plan about 2 hours for single bookings and 3 hours for hair and make up.

You can discuss getting ready photographs with your booked photographer / videographer. Usually we arrive BEFORE to have you mostly ready and just capture the final touches for your hair and makeup.

OF COURSE we can. We have buttoned up so many dresses that we feel like we became professionals in helping our beautiful brides in their wedding dress. If you need help we are here for you.

We have been a witness for a few weddings already and have no problem at all with being a witness for your wedding / elopement day. Just let us know prior in advance to allow us more time for your booking.

No, absolutely not, but it might be important. Check our virtual trials if you dont manage or dont need to have a 1:1 trial with us

Yes, you can use your own products. We are happy to use your products on the wedding day. We cant guarantee how long the make up would last if they are products we dont use. We do not take any responsibility for any reactions caused by the products. The price will not reduce for using your own products and materials.

You can wash your hair on the day of your wedding or the day before the wedding. This includes your bridal party too. IF you decide to wash your hair on the day, please send us a message as all timings are calculated for styling only and do not include a blow dry. We would need to add EXTRA TIME for blow dries on the day. (+30 minutes pP)

Please share your photo ideas for hair and make up or your pinterest board via email or show us your photos of hair and make up on the day. We understand that some pictures can look amazing with the full and amazing up dos or the absolutely flawless make up looks. Please only choose several styling options for yourself that we can help you to create a similar and your own unique look for the day. We can not remove acne, skin texture , wrinkles or volume of the body or face. We can enhance your natural beauty and cover up spots to make you look the best version of yourself and to enhance the natural beauty of yourself.What if I dont have a trial booked? Travelling from abroad, not enough time or just not needing a trial is absolutely fine. 85% of our clients go ahead without booking a trial for their wedding day. Some of our clients share and creating pinterest boards for us, some share photos via email beforehand and some just show us photos on the day of the wedding, when we meet them. All of the above is absolutely fine with us. If you are unsure what styling you would like, we recommend to find a couple different looks that you like, so you can show us on the day and we can create a mixture of the stylings that suits your face shape and skin type/ personality the best.

Stay yourself. We understand that it is a very special and big day and something that is not happening every single day, so we are overwhelmed by the amount of ideas we have about our looks and all the different make ups and hair stylings that exists. Stay true to yourslef and go with what you would usually go with. if you have your hair down to 99% of the time, keep your hair down for your wedding day. If you usually have it up in a bun or ponytail, have an updo for your wedding day. If you usually wear nothing but mascara, dont go crazy with the make up. You will look back at your wedding photos and might regret experimenting on the day and might have wished to stay who you are. Of course we enhance your natural beauty and you can lets us know if you like to keep the focus on your eyes, skin or lips. But we recommend to do what you usually would do.

We are creating hair and make up styling to the highest standards and to the best of our knowledge and years of experience. Hair and make up will last, but please keep in mind that its not only up to us and that we are no magicians. Weather conditions, activities and hours in the day, including your natural skin and hair are also playing a roll in the styling. If your hair doesn’t take a curl or any volume, than choosing a hairstyle with curls and volume isn’t recommended, as your hair will not change on your wedding day. This includes make up too.

I want to look like, …. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by social media and see all the amazing photos of hair and make up from celebrities or influencers or even from our neighbour next door. It is hard to see what is real and what is covered by a filter or has been edited. We all are different and unique and so is every make up. We believe in natural beauty and that not everyone looks the same, so even the same make up idea will look completely different on every single person. If you show us your hair and make up inspo, we will do our best to recreate the idea of the look suitable for your face shape, skin and hair type, including the information you share with us about yourself and day to day life.

Usually not. Due to that we keep our equipment depotted due to hygiene reasons it is impossible for us to give the products to you afterwards. We recommend to shop the lipstick that you like beforehand so you have the colour you like and your product to top up your lipstick during the day.A great way of finding the right colour for you is to go into a beauty counter to try different lipstick shades on you or even go into a store and get some swap samples. You can then buy the lipstick directly in store OR you can take a photo and see if you can find the same lipstick and colour via to use our CODE : LFTFBONNY and possisbly get the lipstick and / or other products to a discounted price. With our code you get up to 20% OFF selected skin, hair and beuaty products. We also recommend to visit our shop here on our website where we published the most chosen lipsticks and hair products that work with our discount code.What products do you work with? We work with a huge range of cosmetic products including vegan and cruelty free brands and also having products for every hair and skin type and colour.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you like to have specific hair accessories, your veil, flowers, your dress, your perfume, your nail polish, etc. These are the kind of things that you would have to organise yourself, as we only provide hair and make up services and are only equipped for hair and makeup. You do not need to buy your own make up or hair pins. Of course you can buy everything yourself if you ONLY want to have specific products in your hair or for your make up. But its not a must at all 🙂


Bonnys Wonderland has the right to update the bridal info and agreement at any time. For example adding questions due to that we receive in a rare occasion the same questions from different brides, so we add the question and answer to the agreement and info for other brides to see. This also is a help if you ever have any questions that you will always find all answers in your agreement.

We love them too and all photographs seen on our website are all created with suppliers we work alongside for the past years. All Photographs that you see is our work of hair and / or make up. Should you be interested in details of the photographer of a specific picture you have seen on our website, please do not hesitate and contact us and we will send you all details about the photographer from the photos you like.

I cant find my agreement anymore what can I do?

If you have lost your bridal agreement and log in details, you can contact us at any time to receive the log in details again. This is not a problem at all.

Ready to plan your hair and make up for your very special day? We are here for you 🙂

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We would love to hear from you!


20a first floor Ben nevis ind set,  Ph33 6PR

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