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We are Bonny & Martin and the founders and sole owners of Bonnys Wonderland. Find out more about us and the person behind the emails, calls and social media messages. You should feel happy not only with all “paperwork” but also with the people you book. So this is us. Hi 🙂 and welcome to Bonnys Wonderland.

Licensed SPMU | Hair & Make up Artist


Hair and Make up Artist since 2014. 

Nominated for over 20 Awards within the beauty industry.

I started Bonnys Wonderland in 2014 and am now working as a Make up Artist, Hair designer and Brow specialist all around the world. I am in the Industry for over 10 years and I do not regret a single day. I LOVE my job. 

Before I changed my career and joined the beauty industry, I  qualified as a dental nurse back in 2012. So hygiene is the absolute MUST and super important for me. Not only in the Salon but also outside the Salon, especially as a Make up Artist. 

If I am not working 7 days a week around the clock (as my friends and family would say, as they describe me as an absolute workaholic)…, I love to travel around the world with Martin and our two dogs Tinka and Chico. But I also enjoy a cosy night in my living room with a lot of fairy lights and candles and some classic or old jazz music, reading a book or start rearranging our entire house. (Martin absolutely loves me for this…. ) 

Licenses & Certifications

  • Visagist
  • Make up Artist
  • Hair designer
  • Olaplex trained
  • Wella professional
  • Microblading
  • Ombrebrows
  • EasyCut/Diamant Blading Ltd.
  • Tattoo/Skin Piercing License
  • AET Certification
  • infection prevention control

education background

  • 2009-2013 Dentistry
  • 2013-2015 Make up Art
  • 2015-2016 Wella Hair
  • 2018 EasyCut/Diamant ltd
  • Anatomy&Physiology
  • Micro/Nanoblading
  • 2020 Salon owner
  • 2020 BONNIE.BROWS founder
  • 2021 GGBROWS
  • 2021 BROWJAM
  • 2021 IPL
  • 2022 Cert. Salt & Saline Removal
  • 2023/24 Lip blush (semi permanent lip tattoo)

Professional Experience

  • Film, TV, News
  • Music-productions
  • Radio
  • Commercial & editorial work
  • Beauty brand Bonnie.Brows 
  • Tutor/lecturer at DPOP Academy 
  • magazine publifications
  • contributor at PBL MAG


BOOKING MANAGEMENT & Salon management

In booking management since 2021

Hi I am Martin, Co- Owner of Bonnys Wonderland and behind the scenes. I am responsible for the booking management and make sure that Bonny and our Team knows where to go and when.

I was born in scotland and worked as a commercial diver and life support technician before joining the business fully, to support Bonny,  in 2021. It started as just helping out, but we realised pretty quick , that we work really well as a team and can enjoy more time together instead of both working away all the time. Our dogs are enjoying it the most! 

Summer is the season of the year for me, as I am mainly outside on my bike. Mountain biking or road cycling. If I am not on the bike, what is very rare, I like travelling around the world with Bonny and our dogs Tinka and Chico. 

Short and sweet; I will be the guy answering the phone and responding to your emails and make sure that all your wishes for hair and make up are covered and the entire day will run absolutely smoothly. From first email enquiry to wedding/elopement day, I will make sure that everything is covered for you and make sure that your booking is secured. 

Should you wish a chat with Bonny or your stylist in Person or Virtual to discuss your styling and more, I will also make sure that a trial will be booked at the most convenient date and time. 


Bonnys Wonderland founder and co- owner is Miss Bonny Watkins (born in Germany) who studied professional make up art and hair design by successfully graduating at one of Germany’s leading Art Academy. After a short time in the business; her skills quickly became so highly recognised and appreciated that she was employed as an instructor to tuition others at the Art Academy in Bremen Germany on how to become a Make up Artist & Hair designer. Bonny has become successful in her career and had the pleasure to work with numerous different artists; and some of the top well known companies and productions agencies over the past years.

By demonstrating her expertise she has successfully cooperated together with a wide list of different photographers, designers, companies and artists and many professional photos, music videos that her projects and artwork went viral when advertised in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, India, Canada and Japan. With the vast experience she has made over the years her list of business clients has continued to grow each year.

Since she moved to Scotland in 2017, she got nominated for over 18 Awards in the beauty industry and won in the category of best article as a contributor in 2018 and best creative Make up Artist 2020 – Regional Winner and best beuaty salon north 2022.

Bonnie.Brows was the first Cosmetic and Skin care brand created and published in May 2020 with her Oh, Bonnie Lashes Collection following in February 2021.

In August 2020 Bonny & Martin opened their first Beauty Clinic that offers a various list of beauty, cosmetic and aesthetic treatments with an amazing team of professional Therapists. 

Miss B. Watkins works as a Make Up Artist, Hair – Designer, and trainer for Make Up Art and Hair – Design in the range of decorative cosmetics, split into the categories of film, TV, music – productions, photographic and art leading productions, fashion, theater and individual customers.

2021 her Partner Martin Nilsson joined her business to fully support Bonny with the work behind the scenes, so she can fully concentrate on her clients and treatments she offers. 

Since 2022 the team at Bonnys Wonderland started to grow and so does the business as Bonny has many more Projects that are waiting to come to life.

Bonnys Wonderland is a hair and make up Business, specialised in Hair, Make up and Beauty Services for Weddings and Elopements.

In 2023 Bonny returned back to the education side of her work, after a break and is teaching beginner and professional hair and make up artist.