The aftercare is important to have in a longer run, perfect results. Aftercare advice is given to you from our therapists,  to help you get longer-lasting results for your brow. We advice and highly recommend to follow the mentioned steps for the best results. Not following the steps can cause that your treatment will not last as long / will not heal nicely or ends patchy.

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How to look after your LVL lashes in the first 24/48 hours after treatment

For the first 48 hours, make sure your LVL lashes don’t get wet and avoid any steam, swimming, or washing your face with hot water. It’s vital for maintaining that beautiful lift while your lashes lock into place. Afterwards, you can dive in with confidence. Any questions? Just ask your Nouveau Lashes Artist for expert advice on how best to look after your LVL lashes.

What make-up can I wear with LVL lashes?

You don’t need to wear mascara with an LVL, since the treatment tints and colours your natural lashes to make them look longer and thicker. If you still want to wear mascara to enhance your look further, make sure you don’t overloading your lashes to avoid pulling the curl down. Nouveau aftercare products is designed to work in harmony with your LVL lashes or our Bonnie.Brows Lash & Brow Serum.

How to look after your Extend lashes in the first 24/48 hours after treatment?

To help your new lashes settle in to place, it’s important to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after treatment, and to avoid swimming, steam and saunas for the first 48 hours.

How do I clean eyelash extensions?

To clean your lashes, we recommend using our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser regularly, at least 2-3 times a week or daily if you wear eye make-up. For best results, follow these steps:

  1. Wash and rinse your hands
  2. Pump a small amount of lash foaming cleanser onto the back of your hand
  3. Using a Lash Cleansing Brush, gently work the product through the lashes from root to tip
  4. Gently rinse your lashes with clean water
  5. Pat dry with a towel and brush gently with a mascara wand
  6. Then allow lashes to dry naturally

What can you not do with Extend lashes?

Here are 6 things to avoid doing to keep your Extend lashes looking full and fluffy:

  1. Don’t get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours, and avoid steam, saunas and swimming until 48 hours after
  2. Try not to touch or rub your eye area, it can transfer oil and bacteria on to your lashes
  3. Take care when cleansing that you don’t manipulate your lashes into different positions
  4. Aim to avoid sleeping on your front or side, so your lashes don’t get disturbed
  5. Avoid lash curlers, they can be harsh on your natural lashes
  6. Stay away from oil-based make-up or remover. Our aftercare range offers some simple water-based alternatives


In the first 24-48 hours, as part of your HD Brows aftercare, we recommend:

•    Avoiding excessive rubbing or touching of the treated area for 24 hour

•    Avoiding contact with direct sunlight, and the use of sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours after your treatment

In the days leading up to and following your HD Brows treatment, we also recommend:

•    Avoiding exfoliating (both acid exfoliators and scrubs) and anti-ageing products around the brow area for three days either side of your treatment

•    Avoiding fake tanning products on the face for three days either side of your treatment

After these time frames, feel free to carry on as normal. You can always contact your HD Brows Stylist with any questions.

What should I not do after HD Brows?

Do not use sunbeds, saunas, steam-rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours after your treatment

Do not touch or rub the treated area for 24 hours after your treatment

Do not apply exfoliaters, anti-ageing skincare or tanning products around the brows for three days after your treatment

How to Make Your Brow Lamination Last Longer

  • You should avoid brushing or touching your brows for the first 24 hours, but after you can absolutely brush them. In fact, it’s encouraged. You don’t need a special brow lamination brush; just a quick brush through with your good old spoolie brush in the morning to keep your brows in your desired position.
  • You should avoid your brows coming into contact with water or steam for 24 hours after your treatment. What happens if you do get your brows wet? It can impact the lamination process, meaning you don’t get as great results as you expected. It’s only for 24 hours, so do try your best.
  • Laminated brows might look messy after sleeping but don’t worry, that’s completely normal. The hairs are not fixed in place so can move around, however a quick brush through when you wake up will get them back into your desired position.

What products should I use after brow lamination?


Brow lamination is a chemical process, so it’s important that you use products that care for and protect the brow hairs, just as you would with your hair. Conditioning serums such as the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum will not only strengthen and nourish the hairs, but also prolong the wear of your eyebrow tint.

To help maintain that freshly laminated look until your next appointment, an ultra-strong eyebrow gel like Brow Glue is an ideal product to have.

For the extra care we recommend our BONNIE.BROWS LASH & BROW SERUM

How to reduce redness after eyebrow waxing and threading?


Redness after eyebrow waxing and eyebrow threading is completely normal and a common side effect. It’s simply a slight irritation of the follicle from where the hair has been removed and should subside over the course of the day. There’s not much you can do to speed up the time it takes to settle, but there are things you can do as part of your eyebrow threading aftercare which should help.

Avoiding the use of exfoliators (such as scrubs and glycolic acid) or anti-ageing skincare (such as retinols) for three days either side of your HD Brows treatment will help to reduce any skin sensitivity. If you have naturally sensitive skin, please let your Stylist know and they will be able to apply a barrier to protect the skin when waxing.

If you’re prone to those pesky spots or bumps after waxing, there are a few simple tricks to avoid these from popping up. Your pores are more open following a hair removal treatment, so it’s best to avoiding touching the treated area and applying make up for 24 hours, as they may lead to clogged pores.

Although redness, bumps and slight sensitivity are completely normal, it’s important to contact your HD Brows Stylist immediately if you experience any swelling, itchy rashes, bruising, grazes or cuts


Immediately after you tan

For the best results:

  • wear loose, dark clothing and avoid wearing tight fitting garments as this may rub away some of the tan
  • Keep skin completely dry, avoid water contact whilst tan is developing
  • do not apply any products over the developing tan
  • avoid other beauty & hair treatments for the next 48 hours while tan is developing

After you tan has developed 

  • Rinse off the remaining colour guide wiuth warm/hot water. You will notice the guide colour in the water washing away-not your tan. Once the water runs clear, you can gently wash yourself and then pat yourself dry rather than rubbing yourself dry
  • Avoid swimming pools as chlorine will prematurely fade your tan

Tanning maintenance tips

  • Moisturise daily with an “oil free”moisturiser
  • Your tan should last from 5-7 days, depending on your skin type, skin colour and the extent of your normal bathing routines.
  • 5-7 days after your tan we recommend you gently exfoliate your skin. Repeat this every 2 days thereafter to ensure your tan fades evenly and to prepare your skin for your next Fake.


It is the same process as the normal LVL / Lash Lift and tint just that we add the same treatment to the bottom lash line, for a fuller and more open look.


Your stylist will apply some HD Brows cosmetics at the finishing stage of your treatment. After that, we advise that you avoid applying any further, heavy make up for 24 hours following eyebrow waxing or threading. Applying make up, including foundations or concealers, to the skin around the brow could clog your open follicles, leading to bumps or spots

You should avoid sunbeds and exposure to direct sunlight for 48 hours after eyebrow waxing or threading. The skin can be left sensitive after hair removal, leaving it more prone to sun damage and burn.

It is perfectly fine to get your brows wet after your HD Brows treatment. However, for 48 hours after your treatment, heat and moisture may cause slight irritation to your skin, so we recommend against the use of saunas, steam rooms, etc. Showers are fine but maybe delay that long soak in the bath.

Eyebrow tint lasts around 6 weeks, so it can’t be removed but the colour will gradually fade. The rate at which it fades will depend on a variety of factors, including hair type and skincare regime. Remember that your colour may be darker and more defined immediately after your treatment. Your Stylist may also have applied some make up to temporarily fill in any re-growth areas and show you the brow shape you are working towards.

As part of the aftercare advice for eyebrow tinting, we strongly recommend that you apply the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum to your brows daily. Not only will this help to prolong the wear of your tint, but it will keep your brow hairs healthy and conditioned. If you had your hair coloured you’d use a conditioner, so treat your brow hairs the same. If you have sparse brows, your Stylist may put you on a re-growth program to help you create your dream shape. In the meantime, you can fake it ‘til you make it with HD BROW Products available in our salon or online shop – please ask your Brow Stylist.

Fake tan is a big no-no both before and after an eyebrow tint. The tan can react with the tint, turning your custom-mixed brow dye into an unflattering shade of green. Therefore, we advise against applying any tanning products, be it a professional spray tan, self tanner or gradual tan moisturisers, for three days either side of your treatment.

If you really, really wish to tan, apply a barrier of SOS Balm (or other multi-purpose skin balm) to the hair and around the brow area prior to tanning to reduce the risk of discolouration.

It’s also worth noting that waxing treatments will remove any fake tan that’s on the skin, leaving you with a paler patch around your brows.

Yes, but not for the first 24 hours. Your Stylist will wax and/or thread your brows as part of the treatment and the follicles will remain open afterwards. Applying additional products around the brow area during this period may cause irritation, including spots and bumps. After 24 hours, feel free to apply whatever products you like to fill in your brows. After brow lamination, clear gels and fine tipped pencils work really nicely to keep that soft, natural and fluffy finish.



For the first 24 hours after your Extend treatment, it’s essential to keep them dry. You should avoid all steam, saunas and swimming until 48 hours after as it can take up to 2 days for the adhesive to fully set. After that, it’s completely safe, just remember pat to your lashes dry with a towel or tissue and gently brush with a mascara wand.

We recommend that you have your Extend lashes removed professionally with your lash artist.

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