Businesses we recommend


No, all recommended businesses are their own business and have their own booking regulations and invoices. Our website just recommends businesses we know and working with. The appointments or quotations with the recommended businesses can’t be booked via the website Our website provides links and information, how to get in contact with the recommended businesses. 

This depends on the business you are getting in contact with. Our page just provides links and information to their own website or social media. 

We do not take bookings for the businesses. To get in touch with another business, just click on their names and you will get to their website

No, each business is individual and has their own terms and conditions. Please contact the Business you like to get in touch with for further information.  Bonnys Wonderland just provides links and information of other business we have been working with in the past and present. 

Over the years we had many clients asking us for recommendations for their weddings or other events. Florists, Photographers, other Artists and more. 

We are happy to recommend the businesses we know, as we have been working with the recommended businesses in the past and still working with. We don’t do any bookings and only work together if the client books each individual business. 

Of course there are many more excellent businesses out there. We only recommend the businesses we know through our own experience and the businesses we have worked with personally. 

We only add businesses we have met or worked with in the past. 

However, if you are a business that is not working outside the office or production / shop,  you can contact us and leave your details (Name, email, Business name and links to your website and social media ) and we get in touch. 

For further information please get in touch via our Contact Page.