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Diamant Blading –  the innovative product for permanent eyebrow make-up. Bringing you the most natural look for eyebrows.


Find out the facts about permanent make-up – in particular – about the new micro-technique for pigmenting very fine and natural looking eyebrows. The new “Diamant Blading”-method is the best way to achieve brilliant results. Find out how you can create a wonderful and unique permanent eyebrow make-up, let yourself be inspired and see for yourself.
Diamond blading stands for solid training based on 26 years of experience in the PMU business, and for sustainable care of our trained partners.
I had the chance to get trained by the world bests; the founder Brigitte Steinmeyer. 

What are the advantages of Diamond Blading method?

  • A quiet, relaxed working. Your guests enjoy this treatment, because you hardly feel pain.
  • It feels like plucking eyebrows.
  • Very quick healing, no lymph flow, hardly redness and scabbing.
  • The fine hairs appearance is indistinguishable from a diameter of eyebrow hair.
  • The healed results look very natural.
  • An excellent Swiss precision product of high quality and durability.
  • The products developed by me diamond Blader for eyebrow permanent makeup guarantee the best results.
  • Diamond Blading is a registered trademark.

Permanent Make-up

Experience the new unique Diamant-Blading
Method in Berlin, Zurich and more than 16 countries!

Now an even finer hairs structure of the eyebrows is possible

Eyebrows are crucial to our countenance and our appearance. But often the eyebrows are thin or hardly available. Microblading is a variant of the permanent make-up that looks natural and is virtually painless. With the new unique protected Diamond blading method, the conventional technology is revolutionizing Mikroblading and permanent Augenbrauenpigmenation accurate many times.
by Brigitte Steinmeyer


Welcome to the Premier League!!

Diamant Blading is the implementation of the essence of more than 27 years of experience in the Permanent Make-up-business, united with the highest demands and you can now learn and make use of this method now!

Just start working with the Diamant Blader, a highly exclusive and very precious Swiss precision tool made of Titan and crowned with a real cut diamond!

By using the Diamant Blader you can create the finest naturally looking and long-lasting eyebrow lines.

It also is a very comfortable and beautiful treatment experience for your customer, because the fine and precise cut helps to speed up the healing of the skin.

The result of this treatment is a very natural looking hair line which will maintain in perfect condition. During the healing process the color and the hair line won´t become blurred.

The exclusiveness and high demands of the Diamant Bladers are being accompanied and incorporated by the corresponding values “Cruelty free” and “Eco Friendly”. Our top-class colors are vegan, and we also do not use dispensable packages, which harm the environment!

We love sustainability!

We guaranty highly academic standard training and support which will strongly accompany you and your customers!

Our training tools are the perfect investment for you.

Benefit from a tool and a technique which will help you establish completely new standards. You also will make your customers feel happy because of the best and beautiful results!

Thank you for your interest in the “Diamant Blading” Permanent make-up method and training. We are an accredited training institute of the “SFK Schweizer Fachverband für Permanent Make-up (PMU)” (= Swiss Professional Association for permanent make-up).

In order to build up and keep a highly qualified training standard,


on the whole we only train 30 participants per year.


Also very welcome are career changers for whom we offer a special kind of training-tools.

Our VIP training courses only take place face-to-face and with not more than two persons.

Our very extensive online-training offers you a unique start into the world of Diamant Blading.

All participants of our training courses work on living models. For us it is also very important that all participants will be taken care of after finishing their training.

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