We are Bonny & Martin and the founders and sole owners of Bonnys Wonderland. Find out more about us and the person behind the emails, calls and social media messages. You should feel happy not only with all "paperwork" but also with the people you book. So this is us. Hi 🙂 and welcome to Bonnys Wonderland.


Bonnys Wonderland founder and sole owner is Miss Bonny Watkins (born in Germany) who studied professional make up art and hair design by successfully graduating at one of Germany’s leading Art Academy. After a short time in the business; her skills quickly became so highly recognised and appreciated that she was employed as an instructor to tuition others at the Art Academy in Bremen Germany on how to become a Make up Artist & Hair designer. Bonny has become successful in her career and had the pleasure to work with numerous different artists; and some of the top well known companies and productions agencies over the past years.

By demonstrating her expertise she has successfully cooperated together with a wide list of different photographers, designers, companies and artists and many professional photos, music videos that her projects and artwork went viral when advertised in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, India, Canada and Japan. With the vast experience she has made over the years her list of business clients has continued to grow each year.

Since she moved to Scotland in 2017, she got nominated for over 18 Awards in the beauty industry and won in the category of best article as a contributor in 2018 and best creative Make up Artist 2020 – Regional Winner.


Martin (born in Scotland)  worked as a commercial diver and life support technician before joining the business. After Coronavirus, Martin decided to support Bonny with her business and joined  as the company director in 2021. He is the guy behind the scene and  is the main person, for all admin,  organisation and business developement related work. 


FREquently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

DO you have a gallery?

Yes, we do. You can find our gallery on our  WEDDING

We upload regular new photos to our instagram that has mainly wedding / bridal related content. You can find our social media links below:


We at Bonnys Wonderland offer to send one of our bridal team out, if Bonny is not available for your requested date. All our Artists are professionals and offer differnt services. We match our artists to your request, for the best results and experience. You can book a trial or Zoom Call with Bonny or her Team in advance on request or can speak to Martin & Bonny directly. 

DO i have to book a trial?

Absolutely not. It is completely up to you, if you like to book a trial or not. A trial can help to see the look of the hair and / or make up idea you had in mind, beforehand and get a better feeling for the wedding day. It is not necessary to have a trial and styling can be discussed last minute on your wedding morning or via email. 

how far do you travel?

We are travelling national and international to our clients. We are very lucky and still have bookings in Germany, Italy and Spain, so travelling i snot a problem for us at all. Within Fort William we charge a call out fee to help covering the time to pack and unpack a couple times and being away from our clinic. 

For bookings outside of Fort William(certain radius) we are charging a call out and travel fee. This fee will be discussed and added to your estimate. 

Did you know? We are not only offering our own branded products. We also offer extra skin and hair services before your wedding. to get your hair and skin perfectly prepared and glowing for your wedding day.

Your Hair & skin is Our Top Priority


All Inquiries

For all service inquires, please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you have an amazing experience at Bonnys Wonderland.